The best fashion of Japanese culture

Sendaihira is silk fabric of the highest quality made by Sendaihira & Co. Ltd.
Sendaihira silk fabric was created in the time of middle of Edo period. The Sendai clan invited the best weavers to develop the fabric. The weavers improved Sendaihira fabric and create a hakama of the finest quality, fitting for the Sendai clan to present to the family of the Shogun.
The weavers use only good quality delicate fine silk, with selected dyes from trees and plants. They use the lustrous scoured thread as the woof and wet straight thick raw silk as the warp.
The vertical creases are woven in a manner that when you stand they are ordered appropriately like a reed screen and when you sit down they appear to form a firm airy silhouette.
Sendaihira had been developed as a purveyor until Meiji Restoration.
The former owner of Sendaihira & Co.Ltd, Mr. Eisuke Koda raised the crafting and art of Sendaihira fabrics to such a level that it was designated as a national treasure. Now, Eisuke's son, Mr. Yoshio Koda took over the development and operation of the workshop. Mr. Koda has also been recognized and designated as a national treasure like his father.

Many Japanese men adore their Sendaihira hakama, and love the fact that it is so durable they are able to wear it for their entire life. Notably,Yasunari Kawabata wore a hakama of Sendaihira fabrics when he attended an award ceremony for his Nobel Prize in Literature. The fabric is also a big favorite of Kabuki actors and grand champion sumo wrestlers.
Sendaihira's dignity and beauty are loved as one of the best fashions of Japanese culture and its status ensures its legacy will endure.